Hope seems so far away

Marilina | 17 | Athens Greece | longboarding,tattoos,piercings,books,coffee with cigarettess,music,art.Feel free to ask.

"τσιγάρα, αλκοόλ, ναρκωτικά… όλα εξαρτησιογόνες ουσίες, που όμως δεν πιάνουν μια μπροστά στη φωνή σου και στα μάτια σου…"


Omg,why the fuck you can’t be here with me ? I miss you more than ever..You know,I am out I feel good..and BOOM you cross my mind,my heart breaks and it’s like I’m about to throw up.I need you more than ever,please I mean everything,I am sorry,I’m thinking about you all the time,please come back.

  -  2 September
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